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"RaceSafe is a great tech solution to help keep racers safe."
Bill Roberts Medical Director, Twin Cities Marathon

Take control of your data. Simple, easy and secure.

Recruit & Organize

Simplify managing medical team

An automated platform to save you time.

Track volunteer recruitment, assignments, training and communication.
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Better Medical Care

RaceSafe sets the standard

Participant‘s medical information can be accessed securely allowing the medical team to provide proper care.
The mobile application connects the medical team, streamlines communication, and compiles medical documentation.

HIPAA compliant, helps meet city rules and regulations

Mobile Command Center

Full control with the mobile medical command

Medical command allows event organizers to see all medical team activity in real time and GPS location.

Instant view of event activity to help manage your emergency resources.

Participant Experience

Enhance runners health & safety

Participants have the option to securely store and share personal medical history in case of emergency for any race using RaceSafe.

RaceSafe gives volunteers more confidence in their ability to provide the best care.

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RaceSafe has helped over 200 events across the United States. Check out a sample of our post event analytics.

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